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We Design, Develop and Deliver cutting edge career resources that meet you where you are right now. Whether you are just starting your career journey, looking for guidance for that promotion or anything in between, we can help facilitate your journey to where you desire to be.




 We believe there a two driving forces that dominate every person; 
a Professional Life and a Personal Life.

Our personal life affects our professional life and our professional life affects our personal life, and these days, it may seem that only one can flourish while the other one suffers. 
We say BOTH CAN FLOURISH at the same time.

We are dedicated to empowering you to tap into your full potential and utilize it to transform your PROFESSIONAL life AND your PERSONAL life."


We are here to help you...Soooo...Help Us Help You
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An east coaster travels out west to become a star. In the mean time, a California girl builds an entertainment company from the ground up. They meet up in a bar, sing karaoke together and 8 weeks later they are married.

That’s pretty much our story in a nut shell. We are adventurous, spontaneous (for the most part) and love to have fun, yet we take our calling and our destiny VERY serious.

What is our calling and destiny?
I’m glad you asked.

It’s YOU and Your Career

Through our online show Living Extraordinary, world-class online training programs, and our customized career and life coaching, we help people like you dream big and back it up with meaningful action to create results.

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