Printing Press Operator... Walt Disney Singer... Missionary...
River Boat Entertainer... Marine Corps Veteran...
Karaoke Ambassador... Entrepreneur... Business Manager... Minister... Rock Star... World Traveler

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Career Coach … Social Media Job Search Strategist… Expert Trainer…Dynamic Speaker and Presenter 

Before she was a coach, presenter and national speaker, Linda was recognized as one of the Top 7 instructors in the world for an international corporate training company.

 With her passion for helping people discover and maximize their greatest career potential, she helps people develop and promote their personal brand and establish a complete online presence using not just LinkedIn, but Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in order to
land a job fast.

 Whether Linda is teaching about professional branding through social media, building the career of your dreams, or becoming the most powerful version of yourself, you will find cutting edge, innovative strategies with the latest tools and techniques.

 When Linda is not coaching or speaking, she can still be found in a classroom at Wake Technical Community College teaching employment skills classes to unemployed and underemployed adults in partnership with the State of North Carolina. 

 Spend a session with Linda and her contagious energy will have you believing that you can accomplish anything.  


Mindset and Career Coach… 
Dynamic Speaker... Business Manager...
Leadership Strategist… Entrepreneur… 

While Linda has focused on the job search side of career management, Matt has spent most of his adult life helping people maintain a positive resourceful mindset, which is a key contributor to a successful job search or climbing the ladder in any career.

After spending 10 years serving his country in the U.S. Marine Corps, Matt worked his way from delivery driver to General Manager at one of the largest printing companies in Raleigh, NC. With his business leadership experience, he is able to coach his clients on how “the other side” is thinking as far as promotion or new job opportunities.

Matt’s passion is definitely helping people find the true passion that is hidden in their heart and then coaching them in how to turn their passion into a career. (or business)





"Between the two of us, we've got you covered when it comes to all things career. Whether you are just starting out on your career journey, looking for a change in your career or wanting to take your career to the next level, we will take great care in getting you to where you desire to be."

Matt and Linda



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