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  • MODULE 1: BRANDING - How to Identify Your Target Job and Instantly Build Your Brand to Attract Your Ideal Employer 
  • MODULE 2: ACING THE ATS - How to Effortlessly Identify Precise Keywords to Quickly Boost Your Resume to Job Description Match Rate
  • MODULE 3: CREATING A MASTER RESUME - Simple Method to Create Keyword Rich Resume Content that Nearly Eliminates the Need for Rewriting Your Resume
  • MODULE 4: BREAKING THE 7-SECOND CURSE - How to Create Compelling Content That Attracts the Attention of Hiring Managers and Secures More Interviews


Exhaustive List of Power Verbs AND Power Adjectives
Words that will grab the attention of the hiring managers and bring your resume to LIFE

Sample Branding Statements and Impact Statements
These will give you great ideas you can use to grab the attention of the hiring manager and take full advantage of your seven seconds.

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