Does the COVID-19 Interruption Have You Re-Thinking Your Career?

We believe that's a

After years of helping thousands of successful
mid to late career professionals...

We've found that many of them feel they are stuck in a job "pushing paper" and "punching clocks", working beneath their potential, and are tired of work that "doesn't really matter".

What they really want is to make a difference utilizing their greatest strengths and abilities at work and enjoy great relationships, health and financial security. But they think the problem is they need to change jobs or work harder and longer. 

So they end up "stuck on the hamster wheel of life"…questioning whether or not they are actually going to fulfill their potential and ever make the difference they are capable of.


What If...

You Could Be HAPPY?



Right now, people are re-evaluating everything, specifically their career.
It's a great time for you to reconnect with your heart, rediscover a passion you haven't felt in a VERY LONG time, and make the shift from
Mis-Matched to Mission-Matched.

We can help you develop a new mindset and learn how to match your mission, passion, and purpose to your career so you can experience life at the highest level without "really" trying.

We offer One-on-One and Group Coaching.
Let's talk and see which is best for YOU.

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Here's What One of Our Clients Has to Say...

Jen G.

"I was in a rut, spinning my wheels daily, feeling like I was going nowhere. I felt unfulfilled at work and in my personal life. Sometimes it was difficult to face the day ahead of me. I knew something had to change, but I was not sure what it was or how to do it.

Enter Matt and Linda…their program was exactly what I needed! They led me down the path to finding happiness and fulfillment in my career AND my life. I am excited to get up in the morning and go to work. 

My job did not change, but my mindset did! I highly recommend this program. It really can make a difference in your life!"

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